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About Me

My name is Jessica and I am a cosplayer, comic book fan and all around geek. I have been going to the same comic book store since I was five years old and have grown up loving the colorful characters who are the inspiration for my cosplay journey! Bringing your favorite characters and inspirations to life is an unbelievable feeling and every print purchase helps me to continue this experience.

My title "Maid of Might" is a nod to my favorite hero, Supergirl. My comic store family gave me the nickname Supergirl when I first walked through the door in Kindergarten and my love for Kara grew alongside me. She was my very first cosplay in 2010 and is still very much my favorite character. I keep my name Maid of Might as a constant reminder of where I come from and why I cosplay.

I truly hope my journey inspires many others to follow their passions and do what they love.

Thank You so very much for your support!!